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As you glaze your eyes on the monitor, you’re wondering: “What’s this website all about?”

A wedding is a complicated project – Indian (South Asian) weddings are doubly so. With South Asian community spread globally, weddings have become a medium of self-expression, blending of traditions, and colorful cultural fusion. Expectations are high – there’s lot to know, lot to learn and perfect.

It’s no wonder that brides have so many questions. Its our goal to answer them – clearly and fast, so that you can make the most of your precious time. Next question:, “Is this website for me?”

The primary audience of the site is the bride, the bridesmaid,, the grooms, the family and friends either participating or attending South Asian weddings in North America. However, our advice can be adapted globally.

As you move from one stage of life to another, from being a bride to a wife – your view of the world changes. After the event, you reminisce about the wonderful day and the planning and effort that went in. Your parents have been right beside you and glow with joy when they see you in silk saree. Whether its in Bombay or in Washington, whether its Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Christian or cross denominational wedding – our South Asian culture gives the wedding a very special flavor.

Hopefully, our website has given you some wonderful ideas for you.

All the Best,

Indian Wedding Advisor (IWA) Team

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