Bridal Shower Themes Continued

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Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Showers themes # 6 – Around the clock

Time is the essence of this bridal shower. Assign an hour of the day to guests, and ask them to bring suitable gifts. For instance, for 9 in the morning, someone could bring along breakfast items or tableware; for 7 in the morning, a tea set or cookie jar would be ideal; for 6 in the evening, a fitness CD or a movie DVD; and, for 10 at night, a set of bed sheets or bedcovers. The decor can be around a collection of interesting clocks, an hour glass, and a stuffed rabbit with a watch (the one from Alice in Wonderland, who kept referring to his watch).

Bridal Showers themes # 7 – Recipe Rendezvous

Whether the bride loves to cook or is inexperienced in the culinary arts, this theme will be a super hit. Ask guests to bring along tried and tested recipes of the girl and groom’s favorite dishes. Apart from that, gifts can include interesting and exotic spice mixes, ingredients, cookbooks and even unique kitchenware like jars and spice boxes. The decor, Recipe cards, collages created with glossy pictures out of cooking magazines, and a ‘kitcheny’ ambience.

Bridal Showers themes # 8 -Home Sweet Home

This theme is suitable for close friends of the bride and groom. If the couple has selected a house they want to move into, friends can help them set up home. From painting the walls to carpentry jobs, decorating to cleaning up, there’s so much to do in a new home. If the couple is fine with the idea of help at hand, then this theme will be practical as well as fun.

Bridal Showers themes # 9 -Travel Time

If the bridal couple are both bitten by the travel bug, then the family can arrange a bridal showerwhere guests can bring along travel-related items. Smart suitcases, haversacks, sleeping bags, maps, guidebooks, a compass, travel vouchers, tickets, discount schemes, and kits for storing toiletry items are some of the gift options. Decor for the room could include a large map, stacks of guidebooks, and travel memorabilia.

Bridal Showers themes # 10 -Spa special

Which girl doesn’t love a spa treatment? And this one is ideal for a bride who wants to look and feel her best. Turn your home into a spa for a day, and invite beauty and massage therapists over. Make sure that they get along pedicure and manicure sets, facial masks, and body lotions. Ask the guests to pitch in with the financial aspect of the theme. And as a gift, put together a spa hamper, complete with beauty care products and a spa voucher she can use later.

Bridal Showers themes # 11 – Festive fun

This one is ideal for a wedding happening around a major holiday or festival. If the couple is getting married around Diwali, shower them with gifts pertaining to the festival. For instance, electric lights for their new home, hand-painted diyas, recipes for traditional sweets, rangoli kits, and idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi can be ideal gifts. Do up the room in festive colors with twinkling lights and confetti. You can serve sweets, traditional snacks and sherbets.

Bridal Showers themes # 13 – Lingerie and laughter

This is ideal for a small group of gal pals. Ask the guests to bring gifts of nightwear and lingerie for the bride. You can even gift vouchers from leading lingerie stores that the bride can use over the next few months.

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