Bridal Showers – Know How and Ideas

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Bridal Shower planning – here we come!

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A bridal shower is a celebration that the family as well as the bride’s friends participate in. They ‘shower’ her with interesting gifts that she can use to start her new household. It is believed that historically, bridal showers were done for women who wanted to marry men the family found unsuitable. So, when the family refused to provide her with a dowry, friends of the bride pitched in with gifts to help the new couple out. Today, bridal showers are about food, fun and pampering.

Where and when

From a favorite cafe or restaurant to a resort or the bridesmaid’s house, a bridal shower can be hosted anywhere. Get innovative and choose fun destinations like a spa, an art gallery, or a sports centre. And when? You can host a bridal shower a few days to a few months prior to the wedding. Check with everyone about a convenient date.

Whom to invite

You have to invite all the close friends and female relatives of the bride and groom. Traditionally, bridal showers were an all-women affair; but these days it can be a co-ed party. So, work with the couple to finalize a list of invitees, and send them well-designed party invites.

Planning a bridal shower

Work out a theme for the bridal shower and decide the menu, decor, gifts and party favors, accordingly. Then finalize the date for the party, and begin sending out the invitations. Invite the guest over the telephone, if it’s a casual party. When it comes to the menu, include some of the bride’s favorite foods, and make sure you cater for enough refreshments and snacks. Peppy music and interesting games are the icing on the cake.

In this post, we will discuss 5 different shower themes. In our follow up post, we will cover 8 additional themes.

Bridal Showers themes # 1- Favorite things

Shortlist a few of the bride’s favorite things or activities, and choose one as the central theme. For instance, if the bride enjoys art, then a party at a gallery or painting studio will be a good idea. If she enjoys reading, hold a book-exchange party or invite an author to read out her latest book. From a snorkeling trip to a kitchen queen theme, there’s so much you can do with a dash of imagination.

Bridal Showers themes # 2- Pajama party

It’s not as childish as it sounds. For this girls’ night, ask the guests to come dressed in cute pajamas, bearing gifts of satin nightwear, cosmetic cases and spa slippers. You can even arrange for a spa treatment for the guests. Pink mocktails and lots of finger foods are a must!

Bridal Showers themes # 3 – Room of the house

A very popular theme ! In this, every guest is assigned a room of the house, and they bring gifts according to what goes into it. So, some might bring kitchen appliances and crockery, some living room decor items, while others could bring stuff for the bathroom and bedrooms. The decor for the party involves creating a very comfortable and cozy look with candles, couches, cushions and cookies.

Bridal Showers themes # 4 – An international affair

Blindfold the bride and let her place her finger on any place on the map. If she picks the Middle East, then choose an Arabic theme, complete with a henna party, belly dancer and Bedouin tents. If it’s the mysterious Orient, then China Town can be your theme. Golden dragons, Laughing Buddhas, red and black curtains, Chinese lanterns, and of course, Chinese food will complete the look. From Morocco to Mexico, the themes can be very interesting

Bridal Showers themes # 5 – Food fiesta

This is ideal for a bride who loves to cook and eat. For this gal, who enjoys puttering around the kitchen, ask the guests to bring along kitchen-related things, such as appliances, interesting food products (with adequate shelf life, such as a jar of olives, cake mixtures, pasta, Basmati rice et al), and tableware. Plan the menu with care and include a choice of interesting foods, especially things that the bride loves. You can even invite a chef for a demo.

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