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A very hot topic of discussion for our readers concerns Wedding Sari trends.  Here’s our take on this topic.

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Wedding Sari Trends – Four new styles to try out!

Sari Style 1: Detachable Sari

Ever heard of a detachable sari? Well it exists. These are saris which come with a set of three or four additional pallus and borders. So the second or third time time you wear the sari you can just change the border and the ‘pallu’ and voila! You a have a whole new look, almost like wearing a completely different sari.

Sari Style 2: Innovative Sari-tying techniques

Innovate with these sari tying techniques for informal wedding events! For instance the pallu of a chiffon or georgette sari can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf instead of the regular way of throwing it over the right shoulder. If the choli is elaborately worked all over, drape your pallu casually, so as to allow the work to be seen.

Sari Style 3: Easy Wear Sari

The ready made sari looks trendy, is easy to wear and comfortable to walk around in even for those who aren’t very used to wearing sari. Here the pleats are already stitched into place and look absolutely perfect All you need to do is pull it on like a skirt and fasten the hidden button on the side. It’s easy to wear, looks rather chic and no one’s going to guess that you didn’t make those perfect pleats yourself!

Sari Style 4: Mix ‘n’ Match

Some interesting variations to the regular sari have been introduced recently. Husband-wife combinations, where the border of the wife’s sari is matched with a shirt for the husband. This combination piece is in pure silk and is called Jodi- pattu. Another interesting innovation is the sari-handbag set, which as apparent from the name, is a sari that comes with a matching handbag. Both these are available at Sri Kumaran Silks, Chennai.

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