Wedding Clothes: Q’s 4-9

Question 4: Why is dress up wedding rehearsal so important?

Weddings are big ticket items to risk not looking good. So have a dress rehearsal with your bridesmaids and groom, all dressed up in final outfits, at least one week in advance. Ask some close friends to give their candid opinion. Take digital pictures to see if there’s room for improvement. A good facial along with manicure and pedicure would set your groom up for the big day. If either of you have a tendency to lose or put on weight quickly, try on your outfits at least two days in advance.

Question 5: What are the popular color schemes for weddings?

Traditional combinations like crimson and gold, or silver and maroon are fail safe. Your groom and you could pair up in contrasting colors like yellow and chocolate brown, red and grey or magenta and navy blue. Another idea is to have various shades of a dominant color like lilac to deep purple or pale pink to magenta. The latest fad is to use dissimilar colors like red with magenta or dark orange and aquamarine blue with green. Pick what works for your skin color.

Question 6: Can you give some tips on accessorising wedding sari?

The right accessories can add charm to saris. Waistbands are perfect for washboard abs. Indian motif tattoos on arms, back or midriff are also hip. Arm bands look classy with sleeveless blouses. Long necklaces or chokers give a classic look. Anklets, nose rings or studs, maang teeka and hair accessories can also be co-ordinated to match your sari. Ask your designer to match your clutch bag to your sari. Even your sandals can be made of matching fabric.

Question 7: Can you give me some suggestions for wedding reception wear?

Lighten up! You’ll be on your feet for long hours and may even want to cut loose a bit on the dance floor, so it may not be a good idea to be burdened with heavy silks and chunky jewelry. This is your red-carpet moment, so get yourself a look that’ll stylish as well as comfortable. Designers like Ritu Kumar suggest pastel shades like dull gold or silvery off white, which contrast with the reds and maroons of the wedding ceremony. This will show off striking jewelry pieces and accessories. You could also opt for a lighter lehenga-choli with a sprinkling of crystals or pearls.

Question 8: Can you give me suggestions for bridal wedding wear for the wedding ceremony?

For the wedding ceremony, even the trendiest of designers agree that traditional is the only way to go. But within this parameter, it’s still possible to be a little different. Rajasthani and Gujarati designs on a lehenga have an eternal appeal. Vary the designs slightly on the lehenga, choli and dupatta. This way, you’ll have three separate items of clothing after the ceremony is over, which can be teamed with other outfits to make several combinations.

Question 9: What can you tell me about dressing for pre-wedding ceremonies?

The sangeet get-togethers and cocktail party that precede weddings are light-hearted, informal affairs. Your clothes should reflect the same spirit. If you like dresses or long gowns, this is a good time to wear them. If you prefer a semi-traditional look, opt for an elegant salwar kameez with an elaborate odhni. Kalidaar kurtas with churidars or what’s known as the Anaarkali cut are still in vogue and look especially gorgeous on tall brides.

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