Wedding Clothes: Q’s 1-3

Here we discuss questions that our readers have asked us over the years. These questions relate to wedding clothes, wedding fashion, wedding saris and such.

Any way you slice it, the Wedding clothes make the day! Indian bridal wear is elegant and bountiful in variety. the choices seem endless for the Indian bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, groom clothes, and children’s clothes. Indian brides traditionally wear sarees or lehngas (long skirts). However, the styles and colors seem to vary as many as there are stars in the universe. Although the tradition of color varies all over India, the dominant color for the wedding day is red, green, or cream/beige for the bride. Grooms have the option of a wedding sherwani, wedding kurta, salwar kameez, or a traditional dhoti. All of these outfits may accessorize with a long scarf called a dupatta.

A recent trend we have seen is for the groom’s outfit to complement his new bride’s outfit, by having the dupatta contain patterns or colors from the bride’s outfit. The sarees of today vary tremendously in terms of material, weight, and cost. Sarees can be various types of silk, brocade, crepe, or georgette materials with various types of embroidery, motifs and weaves. The current trend is to accent the traditional heavy silk saree with tasteful embroidery. The wedding ceremony isn’t the only event that requires selection of bridal wear.

Various events such as the sangeet, garba, and reception all require exciting dress by the bride, groom and wedding party. The wedding outfits for these other events need to be selected such that they are memorable, but do not upstage the bride wedding ceremony outfit.

Question 1: What are the color combinations for Vidaii?

Since it’s a sober occasion after a lot of merry making, you wouldn’t be feeling exactly perky. Grey and crimson, purple with cream and various shades of pearl with bright colors will underline the sobriety with ease. Since your groom has to be your pillar of strength, raw silk sherwani or kurta pajama with a shawl wrapped around will look elegant and appropriate.

Question 2: What can you tell me some of the wedding fashion blunders to avoid?

Here are some dress disasters to steer away from:

* Silver jewelry with golden sari.

* Too much of makeup and glitter.

* Bride in traditional lehenga and groom in a printed shirt and trouser.

* Bride in a western gown and groom in a traditional bandh gala.

* Bridesmaids and flower girls in dresses and the bride in a traditional sari.

* Bridesmaids and flower girls in printed fabrics.

* Marigold garlands with western outfits.

Question 3: What do colors of indian wedding clothes signify?

White stands for virginal purity and maidenhood amongst Christians and Parsis. Red is auspicious amongst Hindus and also a symbol of fertility. In Gujarat and West Bengal, red and white is favored for weddings. Ochre and bright yellow are also preferred colors especially in north India. New brides in Karnataka wear green bangles. White clothes are shunned by Hindus (as widows wear white) while black is also not favored at weddings. Indian brides can wear lehenga choli, salwar kameez or sari. North Indian brides typically cover their heads while in the west and south, brides do not wear a veil.


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