Father Daughter Dance?

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We are often asked a number of question s father daughter dance.mHere’s a quick take on this topic.

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Father Daughter Dance: Thinking about asking your conservative dad?

When we think about Indian dads, we think about their struggles, their commitment to family, their successes due to hardwork and perseverance. The bonds between a daughter and father is a very special one – you will always be his “princess”. So, at your wedding you want to show how much you value his love and support – and you want to do it in an American way. You want to dance with your father at the reception. But, you’re afraid – first to ask him, and then to get him excited and involved. Some dads are good sports and fun loving – and perhaps they are good at dancing. You’re a lucky girl – this dance is easy for you. But, it’s the protypical indian dad – the workaholic and the serious types that are the problem.

Indian dads:  How to broach the topic and start planning your dance routine

You want him to take your proposal seriously and put in an effort that’s decent. You may have to rally your mom and other siblings to get your buy into the idea. After all, you’re dad doesn’t want to appear like a clown in front of your colleagues and relatives. Don’t let such challenges dishearten you. Work at it. After you get your dad interested, start on the music. It doesn’t have to American music. Don’t be too bold. Keep the music slow, and short. Try to find music that both your dad and you like. Practice a few sessions with your dad. Focus on expressions. Remind your dad to smile, smile and smile. Keep the movements simple. it would be good to get your friends and siblings at one practice session. Watch out for clothes. You don’t want your dad or you to trip over. So, when the moment comes – remember its only a few minute and you’re having fun. Try not to get distracted, don’t panic if you and your dad are out of sync – it really doesn’t matter. Just smile and get your dad to smile.

Have you been a part of a father-daughter dance routine – as someone who has done it or has helped a bride with this dance? If so, just let us know. Your insights will be much appreciated.

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