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Wedding Entertainment – How to get started?

Think: “Make it memorable!”

face it, for all their festivity, wedding functions are pretty repetitive from a guest’s point of view and therefore quickly consigned to some dim corner of the mind. Pep up your wedding with some special touches to make it a memorable one for your guests. If you’re having a sit-down buffet at your reception, get siblings, parents or close relatives to prepare short, humorous speeches and raise a toast to the bridal couple.

Siblings, cousins or close friends could put together in advance, slide shows of the bride and groom during their growing years, capturing interesting, humorous moments from their respective family albums. Before dinner, have these projected on a big screen at the reception venue with a witty commentary accompanying the pictures and wait for the compliments to roll in!

Choreographed dances are a big trend, with the performers being family members themselves! As a variation, the bride and groom can rehearse and perform a sweet, romantic number – the kind where he goes on his knees and dramatically proposes to her! Dim the lights near the dance floor and when they take center stage have a spotlight focused on them for the entire sequence. That should have your guests hooting and cheering and set the tone for a great dance session by all

Exciting and Knowledgeable Wedding MC: They make a difference!

Master or Mistress of Ceremonies can add that pizzazz to the celebrations. Firstly they can string various sections of the program so everyone knows what’s happening when and where. They can also cover up for delays and keep the people engaged with jokes and banter. And if the relatives’ speeches get too out of hand, they can manage the stage and the stress for you.

If you are having a religious wedding with various ceremonies, it is good to have a knowledgeable MC who can explain the significance of the ceremonies to the guests. If your wedding reception is going to be informal, you can brief the MC to be casual and interactive. You can select MC’s from local directories. Most family networks have someone or the other with public speaking skills who’ll be happy to take center stage

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