Wedding Cakes

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Let’s discuss the another important item for your wedding: Wedding Cakes

Indian Wedding Cakes

Traditional cake cutting

Wedding cakes are usually tiered cakes, either round or square in shape. Dried fruits and walnuts soaked in rum or sherry go into them and they are iced with marzipan or almond and sugar icing. Figurines of the groom and the bride go on top of the cake. The couple traditionally cuts the cake after the wedding vows have been exchanged. At the time of cutting the cake, the best man and father of the bride make speeches that can be touching or entertaining, but always meaningful.

Chocolate wedding cakes

Times are changing and nowadays, modern couples prefer chocolate cakes. With gooey chocolate icing, they make scrumptious treats. You can opt for white chocolate or dark chocolate, apart from milk chocolate. You can even go for liqueur fillings, praline, fudge, coffee, mocha or orange flavors. Hazel nuts and walnuts also complement chocolate cakes well. Unusual flavors include honey, ginger, carrot and courgette.

Individual cakes

A current trend is to have individually portioned cakes like cup cakes, brownies, truffles, cookies, profiteroles, pastries or even doughnuts placed in the shape of a tiered cake. They look attractive and can be personalized with guests’ initials. The ceremony around cutting the cake can remain the same and they are a non-messy serving option.

Unusual wedding cakes

Couples with alternative tastes may opt for savory flavors like sushi, foie gras or black pudding. Cheesecake is another popular concept. Ice cream cakes decorated with chocolate buttons, marshmallows or fruit rings have to be kept refrigerated and revealed just before cake cutting. One couple went for chilled champagne cake while another opted for colorful ice-lollies. Get some novel ideas from

Eggless cakes

Many vegetarian Indians prefer eggless cakes. Though eggs add richnes, structure and flavor to cakes, the same texture can be achieved by adding yogurt or milk and baking soda instead of egg. Vegans may prefer to use soya milk and those who avoid sugar may want to use honey or sweeteners. A good idea is to source an Indian baker in your area. Typically, ladies from the Gujarati community are experts in eggless baking. For flavors, have a look at

Cake decorations

If you are planning to bake and decorate your wedding cake yourself, you can really create a masterpiece with your creativity. Depending on the theme, you can use glittery materials or eco friendly fruits, berries, flowers and leaves. If you want to use sugar craft, have a look at for inspiration. Electric lights also make beautiful decorations. You can even have a champagne water feature built in your cake. Take a look at these water feature cakes.

Indian cake decorations

In keeping with the traditional theme, you can completely Indianize your wedding cake. For instance, your cake base can be made of marble and minakari. Earthenware bases embellished with mirror work add charm to chocolate cakes. While twinkling diyas add glitter around the cake, rangolis and flower petals add color and pizzazz. Sugar craft in the shape of ambi (raw mangoes), betel leaves, gold coins and coconut add further ethnic touches. You can also ice the cake with intricate patterns typically used for mehndi application.

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