Indian Wedding Menu

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Let’s discuss the most important items in a traditional your wedding: Wedding Menu. This is your starting point. You can pick and choose a few items from traditional menus, and add items from contemporary North and South Indian Caterers.

Indian Wedding Menu

Gujarati Wedding Menu

Traditional Gujarati weddings serve a lot of snacks like dhokla, aandhva and khandvi along with drinks before the main course. Kadhi, khichdi, shaak or subzi, patra and rotli or bread make up the main course. Most Gujaratis serve vegetarian food and many of their dishes are made of dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese. A Gujarati thaali is served with a variety of vegetables and pickles. Their desserts include shrikhand or sweet creamy yogurt, doodh pak, sheera or semolina halwa and doodhi halwa made of white gourd.

Rajasthani Wedding Menu

Traditional Rajasthani wedding food is hot and spicy and cooked in ghee. All vegetarian, there are several sweets on the menu too. Matthis, paapad ki subzi, daal baati, ghatte ki subzi, matar kachori are some favorites. Dal and besan based dishes make up for the lack of vegetables in this region. The wedding sweets comprise ghevar, sooji ka sheera and gaund ladoos. There is a shahi or royalty element in the way these dishes are served in silverware.

Kannada Wedding Menu

Traditional Kannada wedding food is laid out on a banana leaf. The bride and the groom eat from one leaf with is surrounded by rangoli. The meal begins with a quick lick of the payasa after tuppa or ghee has been poured on to hot rice. Different kinds of vegetables, pachadi, rice, bisibelebath, vade, sambhar and rasam are served in courses. The sweet union is celebrated with chiroti – a flaky sweet, obattu – chappati with a sweet coconut filling and Mysore pak.

Andhra Wedding Menu

Traditional Andhra or Telugu pelli bhojanam (wedding platter) has several vegetarian dishes served in a set sequence. Rava kesari (halwa) and laddus are a must too. Non-Hindu Telugu weddings have a blend of sensational dum biriyanis with baghara baigan, chicken and fish pulusu or curry and prawn pepper fry. Vegetarian fare includes aloo bajji, tamarind rice and a variety of fresh salads. The underlying theme of all Andhra food is spicy but delicious.

Tamilian Wedding Menu

The wedding day begins with tiffin comprising idli, sambhar, vadai, pongal (rice and dal mix) , a sweet like rava kesari and a small tumbler of piping hot, aromatic filter coffee. After the ceremony, lunch is served on banana leaves. There are several rice varieties – thengai saadam (coconut rice) puliyodare(tamarind rice). A larger helping of plain rice goes with morkozhambu or vegetables cooked in yogurt, then sambhar and rasam followed by curd rice. Several dry vegetable dishes like avial or mixed vegetables, stir-fried potatoes or green beans are included. Sweets include rice payasam, laddu and jangri ( a version of jalebi).

Malayali Wedding menu

Hindu Malayali weddings are celebrated with a sadya or feast featuring 25 items. Guest sit on the floor and food is served on plantain leaves. Avial or vegetables in coconut milk, traditional vegetable must-haves like kalan, toran, erussery, pachadi (raita), and pappadams are served along with steamed rice. Raw plantain is also a key vegetable. Desserts include paladaprathaman and chaka prathaman made with rice flakes and milk or jackfruit and milk. Christian Malayali weddings would serve chicken, mutton, beef and fish dishes.

UP Wedding menu

Uttar Pradesh (A State in India) weddings are elaborate affairs with much ceremony and splendor. The vegetarian food is served in traditional dried leaf platters and bowls called pattal and dona – very eco-friendly indeed! Specialities include fried breads like poori and kachori stuffed with urad dal or aloo. Pulao, shahi paneer and chaat varieties are laid out. Also, you’ll find seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, bhindi and parwal. Desserts include gajar halwa, hot jalebis and gulab jamuns.

Pahari Wedding menu

Himachali hill tribes celebrate weddings in a simple way. Datayalu or the wedding feast includes boiled rice, curried dal, buttermilk, vegetables and til chutney. Potatoes, capsicums and turnips are widely used local vegetables. Other specialities include ankalos made of rice flour and atkori cake made of wheat flour. Siddu is a stuffed dumpling made from fermented soyabean with walnut and spice stuffing served with ghee. Sweet fritters or gulgule are served as dessert.

MP Wedding menu

Wedding feasts here are primarily vegetarian though meat dishes are quite popular too with some communities. Bhutte ki khees is made with corn flour and milk while chakki ka shaak is steamed and paired with curd. Poha or rice flakes and spicy dal are served along with wheat rotis. Chaat and aloo tikki add to the spicy snacks. Desserts include mawa bati, shrikhand, khoprapak and malpua. Cool badam milk , sugarcane juice and shikanji are served in summer months to cool off.

Christian Wedding menu

Christians across India serve non-vegetarian fare with specific regional influences. North Indian Christians serve biryani, mutton korma, kebabs, rotis and gulab jamun, ice cream and rabdi. Shahi paneer, puri and vegetables cater to vegetarian tastes. Goan Christians serve a feast of sea food and fish. Hyderabadi biryani and baghara baigan, Chettinad meat dishes and Kerala appam and stew are other wedding items in the south. The wedding cake, as is the norm worldwide, is the piece de resistance of all Christian weddings.

Muslim Wedding menu

Sikh Wedding menu

Since lunch after the wedding is served inside the gurudwara, it is purely vegetarian; even eggs aren’t used. Usually it comprises dal, roti, sabzi and rice. The delicious karah prasad made of flour, ghee and dried fruits is usually the highlight. Food at the reception venue thereafter includes dishes like tava chicken, mutton curry, biryani and shahi paneer. Sweets include barfi, doodh jalebi and ladoos.

Parsi Wedding menu

The wedding feast is usually spread over four courses. Drinks, wine and whisky are served as guests arrive. Starters comprising shrimp cocktails, samosas, kababs and tandoori chicken are passed around. The main course is served on banana leaves or plates and includes delicacies like patra ni machi or fish steamed in banana leaf, salli murgi or chicken with potato crisps, mutton pulao-dal and roti- chaar. Desserts include lagan nu custard and ice cream.

Jain Wedding menu

Jains are strict vegetarians and eat food that does not harm any living form. They also eat before dusk and have specific seasonal diet restrictions. Onion, garlic and root vegetables are avoided. Their weddings are influenced by the dominant regional cuisine whether it is Gujarati or Marwari. Even Punjabi food can be served at weddings. Tomatoes form the base of their gravies. Milk products are permissible in their diet so desserts like halwa and barfi are served.

Buddhist Wedding menu

Like the Jains, Buddhists also are pure vegetarians and avoid root vegetables, onion and garlic. However, local cultural influences dictate the what features in a Buddhist wedding menu. At Sikkimese Buddhist weddings beef and pork dishes are served along with alcohol. Nettle soup and bamboo shoot dishes are vegetarian options. In north India, the Buddhist menu typically includes popular dishes like channa, paneer and naan followed by gajar ka halwa and gulab jamun.

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