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We are often asked a number of questions regarding honeymoon planning. Here’s a quick Q and A on this topic.

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The honeymoon is a trip for the bride and groom following the wedding that is a time to build the bond of marriage that cements your lifetime together. It could simply be a time to relax or it could be an activity-filled adventure with memorable experiences. Most couples do their honeymoon travel immediately after their wedding while others choose to wait until a more convenient time to travel or a better season for their honeymoon vacation. In the coming weeks, we will be discussing many different honeymoon destinations with travel planning tips to make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime.

How can you start planning your honeymoon?

The options for the honeymoon are endless. Are you interested in a romantic honeymoon? Would you like to try a honeymoon cruise or an all-inclusive honeymoon? Do you want a very relaxing resort vacation such as a Caribbean honeymoon? Are you more comfortable staying on the beaten path such as a Hawaii honeymoon? Or are you looking for a more exotic honeymoon experience? A starting point for planning the honeymoon should be for the couple to decide

* How much vacation can you both take?

* What activities would you enjoy?

* Would you like to travel far?

* How much time do you have to plan the trip?

* What are your budget contraints?

What are some Honeymoon no-no’s?

Heard of a honeymooning couple who tried new adventure sports and the man landed up with a broken leg? That was the end of their honeymoon. Another bride tried some offbeat beauty treatments and broke into painful, oozy hives. This groom bought tickets to a local soccer match and landed in a pub afterwards while the new bride waited in the hotel room. Another couple went on a charity mission to Africa in the name of honeymoon. They had the most emotionally sapping experience ever.

How to heighten your honeymoon experience?

Honeymoon is a time to bond with your spouse on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You can carry music that you both like, special vintage wine or DVDs that have a special meaning to you both. Essences, perfumes and candles can also create a beautiful atmosphere. You could even call up the hotel in advance to arrange for special flowers, cake, chocolates or drinks to surprise your spouse.

What are the absolute must haves for honeymooners?

Before packing, research your destination and weather conditions. Pack things like footwear for various activities. You can’t be struggling up the hill in your heels or arriving a formal dinner in sneakers! If it gets chilly by evening, carry stoles. Bug bites can ruin the most romantic of getaways so don’t forget to carry creams and sprays. Swimwear, manicure set and nail polish, sun screen, sun glasses and depilatory cream are other bride essentials. Grooms shouldn’t forget their shaving kit apart from clothes, shoes and sportswear.

What should you pack for the honeymoon?

The best time to pack for honeymoon is before the wedding. Keep your suitcase ready with clothes, footwear, jewelry and personal effects, separate set of cosmetics, toiletries and tickets along with passports. Chances are that you may not get any time to think straight after the wedding and you don’t want to be landing at your honeymoon destination with all the wrong outfits. If all your suitcases look similar, label the honeymoon suitcase clearly to avoid an inadvertent swap.

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