Buddhist Wedding

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Here’s a quick take on Indian Buddhist wedding

Buddhists do not believe in ceremonies or rituals and their weddings are minimalist social events rather than elaborate religious ceremonies. The idea is to forge a harmonious relationship between the groom and the bride. Either the couple goes to a registered venue or to a licensed Buddhist temple to get married. The couple makes vows of understanding and faithfulness to each other. Prayers are offered to the Almighty and gifts are exchanged. If there are specific spirits of the house that the family reveres, special prayers are offered to them.

Khpachang marks the selection of the girl for a particular boy. The boy’s family friend takes gifts and a white scarf to the bride’s house, symbolic of a proposal. The time and the colors of clothes are decided as per kikas (horoscopes). Nangchang is the formal engagement ceremony with the bride and the groom’s maternal uncles playing a vital part. After the wedding ceremony, Vidaii can take place any time between one day and ten days. During this time, it is normal for the groom to stay at the bride’s house. Usually the groom’s side hosts a reception once the bride arrives at her marital home.

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