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Indian Christian wedding

Indian Christians follow Indian social customs like Mangni or engagement which can take place a year or several months in ahead of the wedding. Both families meet and exchange gifts. The girl and boy exchange rings in front of a priest. Haldi takes place before the wedding which is a fun event with uptan or turmeric and sandalwood paste being applied to the boy and the girl. Bidaii or Vidaii takes place the day after the wedding where the girl is blessed by the priest and elders and given a tearful send off.

The priest announces the wedding banns in church three Sundays before the wedding date so that anyone with objections to the marriage can speak out. On the wedding day, the bride’s father, bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboy escort her, dressed in a white sari or gown and veil. Once the priest takes the couple through their wedding vows, rings are exchanged. Two witnesses sign the church register along with the bride and the groom as the choir sings beautiful hymns like ‘Showers of Blessings’. Some Christian grooms tie the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. A reception follows with cake cutting, speeches and food.

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