Syrian Christian Wedding

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Syrian Christian Wedding Rituals

Mantra kodi

Syrian Christian wedding rituals are a blend of Hindu and Christian traditions. The groom presents a sari to the bride which is known as mantra kodi. On the eve of the wedding, the bridegroom’s sister draws a thread from this sari and twists it into a cord. The taali is then attached to this chord. The taali is usually shaped like a leaf with a cross engraved on it. The tying of the taali is a ritual borrowed from Hindu wedding traditions.

Church wedding

The priest visits the bride and groom at their respective homes and blesses them. When everyone gathers in the church at the prescribed hour,
the priest delivers a short sermon on the sanctity and significance of marriage and the vows take in the presence of God. After this, the couple exchanges marital vows and wedding bands. The groom then ties the taali. The priest places the sari presented by the groom mantra kodi on the girl’s head and blesses her. The couple is then pronounced husband and wife.

The Reception

The wedding reception is essentially a western concept but has been adopted by most communities in India, and is a significant part of the Christian wedding as well. There is an aura of merriment and informality. Usually, there’s a live band playing, and snacks and drinks may be served before dinner. Guests and friends are invited to the floor to dance. Unlike the conventional practice in the west however, the bride and groom the stay till the end of the party and leave only when all their guests have departed.

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