Andhra Wedding Program

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Andhra Wedding Program

Pendlikoothuru & Snathakam

Andhra and Tamil weddings share many similarities. However, there are some interesting variations too.

In a pre-wedding ceremony called Pendlikoothuru,the bride and groom are smeared with turmeric paste and oil. Sometimes special scented oils may be used as well. After this, they bathe and dress in new clothes. The Snathakam is performed, usually in a temple or at the bridegroom’s home. The boy dons a silver thread across his bare chest and offers prayers to the Gods. The bride does not participate in this ritual.


The bride and groom have a gala time performing this ritual. Each pours rice mixed with a bit of turmeric powder(a dry mixture) on the other’s head. It may begin slowly and sedately but usually turns into a fun filled ‘rice throwing’ match, gently egged on by family and friends surrounding them. Hyderabad is famous for the high quality and variety of pearls available there and sometimes a few pearls are also dropped into the rice and turmeric mixture. This ritual is symbolic of the joy, abundance and happiness that the couple are expecting to enjoy in their lives together.

Bitter-Sweet Experience

A paste of jeera or cumin seeds and jaggery is prepared. The bride then applies this bitter-sweet paste to the groom’s hands and the groom in turn does the same for the bride. This inseparable concoction of cumin and jaggery is supposed to indicate to the bride and groom how they should always remain together as one, through life’s bitter-sweet times.

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