Arya Samaj Wedding Program

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Arya Samaj Hindu Wedding Program

Shila Rohan & Saptapadi

In the mandap’s northeast corner, the groom places the bride’s foot on a rock or brick and recites the Ashma Bhava, which exhorts her to be firm as rock in the face of life’s problems. This is followed by the seven steps or Saptapadi common to all Hindu wedding ceremonies, where the couple pledge faithfulness, love, building a happy home, caring for each other’s families, sharing mutual values and remaining partners
through life.

Sindhoor Daan Aashirwad

The groom rubs sindhoor into the bride’s hair parting, finalizing her status as his wife. Then it’s time for Aashirwad, when the gathered family sing or recite a hymn of blessing with the priest, wishing the couple all goodness. Wedding over, the bride’s family distributes sweets. This is generally followed by a ceremonial meal held at another venue.

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