Hindu Post-Wedding Program

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Today, we’ll discuss events in a Hindu Post-Wedding Program.

Hindu Post-wedding Program


Aftera poignant bidaii, the bride leaves her parents’ home and goes to thegroom’s house. En route they stop at a temple and pray to Lord Rama andSita for their blessings in their newly wedded life. Lord Rama and hiswife Sita are considered the epitome of righteousness and duty –virtues that are considered paramount to a happy married life.

Dwar Rokai

Asthe bride arrives at the groom’s house, the groom’s sister or auntmixes salt in water and sprinkles this over the couple to ward off theevil eye. This is usually mixed in an earthen vessel that is thensmashed to symbolize the destruction of any evil influences on thenewly wedded couple and the happy life they are about to start.

Griha Pravesh

Through this ceremony, the mother in law welcomes the new bride with an aarti. She then asks the bride to place her feet in a tray of vermilion mixedwith water or milk. This symbolizes purity. The bride then places herright foot into the doorstep and topples a bowl of rice and coins denoting fertility and wealth in her newly wedded life. As she takesher first steps into her new household, she leaves behind imprints ofher feet.

Mooh dikhai – looking at the bride

With formalities completed, the extended family members and neighbors greetthe new bride in a relaxed atmosphere. They usually bring gifts or cashas their token of appreciation at seeing the bride’s hitherto veiledface (literally translating as mooh dikhai). The atmosphere is one offestivity with much social banter. For the bride, this is a fineopportunity to gain an idea of the social relationships she will haveto nurture as the daughter-in-law of the house.


As a part of North Indian tradition, the couple returns to the bride’s parental home the day after the wedding for lunch and tea. This way, the groom gets a chance to bond with his in-laws and new relatives and spend time with them informally. From the engagement until the wedding, the groom is usually banned from coming to the bride’s house as it is deemed unlucky. Pheri provides the perfect forum for the groom to integrate with the bride’s side.

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