Hindu Pre-Wedding Program

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Today, we’ll discuss some typical events in a Hindu Pre-Wedding Program.

Engagement Ceremony

Known as Mangni, Misri, Asirbad or simply the ring ceremony, engagement is supposed to show loyalty and commitment to getting married. Both families agree to a wedding date that can be scheduled any time in the future. The families either give their word that is called vagdana or agree in writing that is in the form of a lagan patra. People get engaged for various reasons – if the girl and the boy are going to be away for work or studies or simply because it is a delightful family occasion.

Setting a Wedding Date – What should you think about?

Setting a wedding date is an important part of the planning process. Indian weddings typically have a religious component to set the wedding date where the priest consults astrological calendars to set an auspicious date. However, before consulting the priest, you may want to look at the calendar and have some dates that would be preferrable. 3-day weekends are ideal times to have Indian weddings. The extra day allows plenty of time for all of the wedding festivities and travel time for the guests coming from afar. It also allows the bride and groom more time to spend with family and friends that are in town for the big event.

Barni Bandhwana

Some 15 days before the wedding, the pandit designates an auspicious day to perform a puja to invoke Lord Ganesha who is supposed to remove all obstacles so that the marriage can be strong and free of obstacles. Barni Bandhwana is a puja during which a piece of thread or mauli is tied to the hands of the groom and his parents. From this day onwards, the family is required to pray to Lord Ganesha everyday until the wedding is performed.

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