Kannada Wedding Program

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Kannada Wedding Program

Mandapam Puja

In this pre-wedding ritual, a ‘mandapam’ or a decorated canopy is constructed before the bride’s house. Traditional musical instruments are placed in the mandapam and are decorated with flowers and ‘kumkum’. The women in the bride’s family bless these musical instruments. They perform an aartii for them and also make some offerings– like a sweetmeat prepared at home or even plain milk. This takes place a day or two before the main wedding rituals.

Tying Bundles of Coins

After the mandapam puja the bride and her family visit a temple – usually the family temple. The bride is then made to sit on a wooden plank known as ‘hasemane’ and elders of the house use small pieces of white cloth to make little bundles of coins(currency). They assign a purpose to each bundle and then tie them so that they dangle in front of the house. This ritual is done to please the Gods and ensure that the wedding ceremonies proceed without a hitch.


During the ‘Lagna’ or wedding ceremony the bride is lead to the mandapam by her uncle. The bride and groom are made to stand facing each other with a screen made of white silk cloth separating them. It is removed only when it’s time to exchange garlands. The bride and groom gently throw jaggery and cumin seeds on each other over the screen. The priest continues to chant the sacred mantras through this ritual. In some parts of Karnataka the bride’s face is hidden from all present behind a fan made of feathers

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