Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Program

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Today, we’ll discuss events in Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Program.

Maharashtrian Pre-wedding Rituals:

Lagnaach Bedi

This is the first step, where the parents or elders of the family arrange a formal meeting between the boy and girl. While these days, several people find their own soul mates, Lagnaach Bedi is still quite popular among young Maharashtrians, who prefer a traditional arranged marriage. Matchmaking is generally done between families of equal status and social standing.

Matching the stars

After the boy and the girl approve of each other and the families mutually agree to the match, the horoscopes of the boy and girl are shown to a pundit, who matches their stars to see if they are astrologically compatible. If the horoscopes are in sync, only then will the wedding preparations begin.


In this semi-formal meeting, the parents and elders of the families of the boy and girl get together and decide on the various wedding related issues. The muhurat or the auspicious time and date of the wedding are also decided in the baithak.


In this ceremony, held a few days before the marriage, the parents of the groom gift the bride a sari. It is symbolic of the fact that she is accepted into the family. Her wrists are adorned with green glass bangles, and she is given a package of sugar or sakhar puda. The sugar is for the sweetness that she’ll spread in their lives. Invitation cards for the wedding are generally printed after Sakharpuda.

Kuldevta Pooja

The Kuldevta is the family deity. Every family has one and there’s a connection between the God and the ancestral village of the family. Held the evening before the wedding, this ceremony confirms the Wang-nischay or engagement, and families seek the blessing and good wishes of the deity. Important ancestors are venerated with offerings of sweets, flowers and new clothes. Each side prays to their respective family deity and sends sweets to each other after the ritual.


This is a feast which is organized a few days before the wedding. Hosted in both the houses, this is a celebratory meal for the family members in that house, who’ve assembled for the wedding. The kelvan is organized by friends and relatives. It’s a happy and festive occasion, and the wedding around the corner is celebrated with food and fun.


This is a fun ceremony for the bride. She invites a bangle seller home, and her friends and she choose bangles amidst jokes, laughter and songs. The bride has to choose a set of lovely green bangles, as green is the color of rejuvenation and new life. Then, with her mother’s help, she wears the glass bangles along with pearl, gold and diamond bracelets. Various Maharashtrian communities each have typical bangle designs.

In our next post, we’ll tell you more about Maharashtrian Wedding and Pre-Wedding Rituals

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