Wedding Games

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Today, we’ll discuss some common Wedding Games

Hand Out

This one’s for the groom. An old (and non-transparent) sari is perforated with holes large enough for a wrist to pass through. Two women hold it lengthwise; the rest, including the bride line up on one side of the sari and stick their hands through the holes. The groom gets 3 chances to correctly identify his bride’s hand. If he goofs up, he will have to pay a “fine” to get her back!

Til badle

How well will the bride get along with her in-laws? To find out, the bride picks up a fistful of kala til (black sesame) from a platter and places it in her mother-in-law’s hand. The seeds are passed back and forth between them five times. What’s left at the end is the measure of how compatible the two will be in future!

A ‘knotty’ affair and Bollywood games

Another interesting game for newlyweds to play is removing the knots in the maulis that are tied on to their wrists before the wedding in their respective homes. Joote Do, Paise Lo is not a traditional game; rather it was immortalized in Bollywood’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. The bride’s family hide the groom’s shoes and will only give them back in exchange for money. Lots of negotiations and tricks follow – try it!

Who’s the Boss

A wedding is a much anticipated event, filled with joy and goodwill. For the families involved, it also involves stress and apprehension about the future. Many Indian communities have wedding games between the bride and groom as one way to defuse some of this tension. One all time favorite: A wide, narrow-necked pot filled with water (or milk) is placed before the bridal couple, and a ring is thrown in. The challenge? Both must dip an arm into the pot. Whoever finds the ring first will be considered the dominant personality in the marriage!

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