Jain Wedding

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Jain Wedding

Jain weddings are typically simple affairs as simplicity is sacred to them. After the aarti, the bride is seated to the right side of the groom as the phera ceremony commences. A havan (fire) is lit and a series of mantras are chanted. Granthi bandhan follows where the bride’s veil is tied to the groom’s shawl and they circle the fire four times. They take seven vows following which the bride changes her position to sit on the left side of the groom to symbolize her becoming the left side of the groom’s body. Garlands are exchanged amongst mangal geet. Wedding festivities follow this union.

At the Lagana Lekhan, the bride’s side fixes the mahurat or the auspicious wedding date and hosts a feast. After reading the Lagana Patrika, the groom’s side conducts Vinayakyantra puja. At the Sagai or engagement, the bride’s brother does teeka for the groom and presents him gifts and money. Mada Mandap is held two days before the wedding at both the bride’s and groom’s houses with the priests conducting the rituals. Barati is when the bride’s side with aarti welcomes the groom’s side. Sva Graha Aagmana marks the bride’s welcome at the groom’s house. Alms are given to a Jain temple which is called Jina Grahe Dhan Arpana.

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