Parsi Pre-Wedding

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Parsi Pre-Wedding Rituals

>Rupia Peravanu

This is an unofficial engagement, where both the boy and the girl’s families accept the marriage alliance. The female relatives of the groom visit the bride’s house. They present her with silver coins and shagun, and leave after partaking in refreshments and snacks. The family members of the bride add more silver coins to the lot and then visit the groom’s house, where the ceremony is repeated.


This ceremony happens four days before the wedding. Each of the families, plants a sapling in a pot, while the family priest recites prayers. The mango is the tree of choice as it is a symbol of fertility. The soil is mixed with pieces of three types of metal as well as paan or betel leaf, dry dates, haldi or turmeric, and supari or betel nut. The pots are placed at the entrance of the respective homes and watered every morning. The ritual of watering the saplings is observed till the eighth day after the wedding, when these are transplanted somewhere else.


Both the families exchange gifts on the third day before the wedding or lagan, and this ritualistic giving of gifts is known as Adarni. The groom’s family visits the bride and presents her with gifts of clothes and jewelry. The bride can visit the groom’s family at their house, but the groom cannot go over to the bride’s home. Relatives and friends are treated to a traditional Parsi meal of boiled eggs, bananas, dahi and sev

Supra nu Murat

This ritual is similar to the Hindu version of mehendi and haldi ceremony. Organized a day before the wedding, in this four married women carry a supra (colander) each with sacred items such as a piece of coconut, dry dates, haldi, supari and paan. They sing traditional songs and exchange the supras seven times. Another woman (the fifth) sits in the center with dry turmeric and a khalbatto (mortar and pestle).. All the women join hands to crush the turmeric. Some milk is mixed in the turmeric. The bride and groom are anointed with this paste, and everyone showers their blessings


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