Sikh Wedding

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Today, we’ll discuss events in a traditional Sikh Wedding.

Sikh wedding rituals

A Sikh wedding ceremony celebrates the union of two souls or ‘anand kalraj’ in a gurudwara. Once the baraat arrives in the morning, milnea or formal introductions are conducted. The bride’s father hands over her chunni to the groom which he places over his shoulder as they walk around Sri Guru Granth Sahib four times. The kirtania jatha or musicians keep singing laav or praises to the gurus. The simple ceremony is followed by lunch. Guests should remove their footwear and ladies should keep their heads covered with a shawl as they sit on the floor at the gurudwara.

Kurmai or the engagement ceremony ties the girl and boy in a commitment to marry. This takes place a week before the wedding either in the groom’s house or the gurudwara amidst kirtans and ardas. The Braat is welcomed at the bride’s house the day before with a lot of festivity. After the Anand Kalraj or wedding at the gurudwara the following day, the Doli departs with the bride headed to the groom’s house. Usually the groom’s side hosts a reception/ dinner the following day to celebrate the union with their friends.

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