Wedding Favors Research

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Wedding Favors Research

Thanking your guests for attending your wedding with an elegant, unique Wedding Favor! You’ve had a grand wedding and you are so excited. You sincerely want to thank your guests for making it to the event – but you want your wedding favor to be unique. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to give your guests that momento that they will save and remember your wedding event.

Here are some ideas for getting started with a wedding favors research and planning. While we emphasize indian or south asian wedding weddings in this website, our discussion is application to just about any other wedding. The more you go through this checklist, more details come to your mind, more elaborate and detailed your wedding plan

Wedding Favors Research and To-do list

  • Have you decided on your wedding theme? How about matching the favors with the theme? (see Section on Wedding Themes)
  • Where will you shop for favors? You can get favors from India. You can also try cross-cultural favors. Other Asian countries like China and Vietnam make very beautiful silk and ceramic products. These products are often available at low price. If your guests happen to predominantly Indian, then these gifts stand out as being different.
  • Are you artistic or creative? How about making favors by yourself?
  • Are you early in your planning cycle? How about combining the shopping for bridal party shower favors with wedding favors?
  • You may also want to give favors to small boys and girls, as well as any baby that might have attended your event.
  • What about about accessories that go with the wedding favor? Favors need to get into a bag. And, other things that get in the bag like thank you card, chocolate and candle.
  • How about personalizing favors for each and every guest? That might be expensive, but it will give a special touch.
  • In our next post, we’ll give lot’s of wedding favor ideas for your consideration.

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