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What is the significance of gemstones in wedding jewelry?

Diamonds symbolize fidelity and commitment, also intelligence and prosperity. They are also believed to help eliminate various sexual problems. Pearls are all about serenity and peace, while lapis lazuli will keep couples firmly bonded in matrimony. Coral influences loving behavior, yellow zircons draw love into your life. The red ruby signifies romantic love as well as endurance. Emerald is the stone of prosperity; it also protects lovers and allows their relationship to mature into a warm, long-lasting bond.

What is Maangtika?

The maangtika is a beautifully crafted long piece affixed on the centre of the head and coming to rest on the forehead. The pretty floral designs enhance the brow and eyes of the bride. Traditionally, maangtikas used to be made only of gold; today, brides enjoy a vast variety of choices with maangtikas displaying semi-precious stones, diamonds and Kundan work. There’s something special about the maangtika which adds a glow to the plainest face.

What is Nath?

The nath (nose ring or stud) is usually worn on the left nostril and transforms the most contemporary miss into a picture of tradition. A nath can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. It can be a plain gold ring or ornamented with stones and diamonds matching the rest of the jewelry. There’s also the elaborate version where a chain attached to the ring is looped behind the left ear and clipped to the hair for support.

What is Kamphoo?

Earrings are traditionally called karnphool, flower-shaped pieces that adorned the ears. In modern times, brides pick from a host of design options, be it long, dangling “chandeliers” or elaborately carved stud earrings in intricately worked gold or diamonds, semi-precious gems, Kundan and meenakari work. The choices are quite literally, limitless!

What is Haar?

The onlooker’s eye travels down from the maangtika and is immediately arrested by the haar worn around the bride’s neck. This is invariably her most elaborate piece of jewelry, either a large, single piece or a central piece worn with smaller, less intricate necklaces. Choker necklaces look superb with high necked outfits. If the stones on the haar are color coordinated with the bridal outfit, the effect is even more stunning.

What is Bajuband?

The modern bride often gives the go by to the bajuband or armlet. However, the best thing about jewelry is that there’s a piece to enhance every visible part of the feminine form. If you have a pair of shapely, well-toned arms, the bajuband, worn on the upper arm will be a fine addition to your jewelry collection. Armlets are usually custom made these days. Get yourself a delicate pair in plain gold or with pearls and tiny semi-precious stones.

What are traditional Wedding Ornaments?

Bangles, traditionally known as choodiyan, are loaded with symbolism, the mark of a married woman, along with sindoor and bindis. Again, the sky’s the limit when it comes to variety. Bangles or bracelets pick your choice from a single, heavy, carved kada to diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones in endless hues and combinations to match your every outfit. Ditto with angoothi (rings). The aarsi is, traditionally, a thumb ring with a tiny mirror for the bride to peep at herself and her groom. It’s doubtful if modern brides need this!

What is Hathphool?

Another splendidly decadent bridal jewelry piece is the hathphool, consisting of five rings from which delicate chains travel cross the hand to connect with a bracelet. A gentle reminder, perhaps of the bonds of matrimony! Hathphool (literally, “Flowers for the hand”) is usually made of gold, for strength, but modern versions feature gemstones that can be matched with the bridal outfit.

What is Kamarband?

The kamarband or “waist band” is a beautifully worked item of jewelry that shows off the slender waist of the bride (one more incentive to shed extra inches before your wedding!). The two “straps” of the kamarband are usually attached to a central piece with an elaborate design, often studded with diamonds or other precious stones.

What is Payal?

Payals or anklets come in all sorts of variations and it’s up the wearer to pick what she’s comfortable with. There are delicate chains, payals with little bells (or mangoes) or heavier, carved pieces embellished with stones. It’s best to select something that goes with one’s overall body type. On a petite bride, chunky bands would look over the top; on a tall figure, very delicate payals would appear significant. Select with care – as you take your pheras, everyone’s eyes will be on your feet. Don’t forget the last part of your body – a pair of bichuas for your toes!

What are some Indian Wedding Jewelry trends at Bridal Asia Expo?

Jewelry designer Vandana Munjal showcased stylishly understated diamond jewelry for the modern woman. Ritu Beri’s theme for this year was a surprise. Her collection, called Bride Goes Wild had fluid, sensuous fabrics and bold animal prints. Strictly for the bold! Judging by the look of things, the color gold will be a trendsetter this year, whether in clothes or accessories.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are probably the single most important memento from the wedding day. Much of the focus is on men’s wedding bands. However, women’s wedding bands deserve attention as well since the band is daily worn for a lifetime. The options for wedding bands seem endless today. In addition to the traditional gold and silver wedding bands, diamond, platinum, and titanium wedding bands have gained considerable popularity. As the couple selects the wedding bands, they must carefully consider not only the price factor, but also durability, maintenance, and wear of the precious materials used. Expert jewelers recommend regular polishing and cleaning of diamond wedding bands in order to maintain the shine. Also the stones should be checked regularly in ensure they are firmly in base.

Brides are sometimes daunted by the seemingly endless options for wedding rings and bands. One must decide upon the style of ring and then the accompanying band. Some women choose to have the ring and band soldered together so that it is worn as one larger unit. Other women select bands that match the ring and can be worn together or separately. On a daily basis, just the band can be worn and the ring can be added for special occasions. The band is typically priced far less than the ring so the band is ideal to wear when travelling.

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