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Picture perfect wedding – How can I get started?

A wedding is a huge occasion where everyone makes the effort to dress up, apart from the bride, groom and family members. Photography therefore should be planned very well, so that all sweet memories are captured for generations to come. Check out portfolios of several photographers, meet them and see whether they can accommodate your dates. If their rates are within your budget, book them in advance. The better they are, the heavier their booking. Ask them about their equipment and lights. Also as backup, enlist the services of a camera savvy family member.

Say cheese! – How can practice make you perfect?

Wouldn’t you rather have beautiful Indian wedding pictures than friends exclaiming, “Gosh, is that you…err, I mean, you look great!” A top tip is to practice your smile and posture in the mirror. On the big day, have a friend with an aesthetic sense direct the standing arrangement in a group picture on the basis of height and color of of your Indian wedding clothes.

Can you give me some tips on Wedding group photos?

Synchronizing dozens of people in a group photo is not an easy task. More so for a photographer who hardly knows them. So nominate a friend to direct all group pictures. Someone who has a confident, pleasing personality with vocal chords to rise above the banter can be of great help. Children are usually difficult to engage so have a familiar face to direct them specifically. Of course, these people should not be a vital part of the picture else you will miss having them in it!

While engaging a video shoot, it’s a good idea to assess the quality of filming and level of editing on offer. The best of videos can get ruined by unpleasant music tracks and tacky editing. Enlist the help of a friend who has a creative sense to direct the sequences and check lighting. Try and go for a retake if the sequence does not pan out according to expectations! This friend can check the rushes to weed out unflattering moments.

Can you give me ideas for Wedding Albums more artistic?

Picasa and Flickr have changed the concept of storing photographs forever, but there’s still something nice about having a wedding album to leaf through, years after the event. All that it needs though is a modern makeover! Get yourself a customized work of art, in fabulous colors.

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