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What can wedding planners organize?

A wedding planning company can help you choose the ideal wedding venue based on the theme you have in mind. They can then help you plan your specific menu, organize the event, do up the décor, arrange transportation and take care of the wedding entertainment. Whether you want to sign up a live band or have a traditional mandap, you can consider it done. It’s a good idea to go for wedding insurance as well for total peace of mind.

Why would you need a wedding planner?

  • If you are planning to get married in an exotic location you know very little about
  • If you want to relax on your big day and enjoy every part of the ceremony
  • If your wedding celebration has several components/ events
  • If your are stretched for time or mobility or plain absent minded
  • If your parents and relatives live in another city and will arrive very near the wedding day

How can Wedding Planners work with you?

Every one has a general idea of what’s needed to organize a wedding. A wedding planner can help you with the details by throwing up ideas, suggestions and recommendations. You can browse through their catalog and see the various styles of décor and themes, mandaps, wedding cakes and music. You can even plan fireworks, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains and mood lighting. If you want something whacky or unusual, trust a professional wedding planner to get you just that.

Can you give me a quick checklist for selecting the perfect wedding planner?

  • Look at online directories and listings when you’re searching for a wedding planner and also seek friends’ recommendations.
  • Once you have short listed a few, visit their office. Check their credentials first hand and get a good idea of their working style.
  • Get several quotes and compare their fees along with the terms of payment.
  • Since you’ll be working closely, assess your comfort level with the person you are dealing with.
  • Discuss every event of the wedding celebration. Ask for inputs and ideas.
  • Don’t expect planners to work miracles!

Can you suggest some Online wedding planners?

You are super efficient at organizing and you want to manage your own wedding. Help is at hand via wedding planning websites. All you need to do is create your online account and the software will take you through various aspects of wedding planning. You can manage your guest list, invitation and RSVP, budget, seating arrangement, gift list and wedding related events. The planner will also prompt about the timelines. Check sites like; you’ll come across several free wedding planning websites.

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