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Today, we’re discussing African Safari Wedding Theme.

Wedding Theme: African Safari

Decoration for an African safari wedding

You could use straw mats and dry drift wood decorations. Waiters could wear straw skirts and hats or khakis with jungle boots. Masai wood sculptures make great center pieces. You can even name the tables after the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. If it is an outdoor wedding, you can put up tents and recreate a pond with grasslands and live storks hopping around.

Dress ideas for the wedding party

African tribal art fabrics are quite vibrant and so are their headgears. If you wish to stick to Indian, use bright and woody colors like chocolate brown, flame orange and mustard. The groom can don an African robe with head gear. Cowry and wood jewelry and leather and bead hairpieces look bright and pretty. Use animal prints for bridesmaids’ outfits.

Make up and hair for an African safari wedding

Both men and women wear striking head gears. For special occasions, these are made of silk and brocade. If you have long hair, you can go for tight curly tresses or African braids. A daring groom can sport an Afro cut. Tribal make up is bright so experiment with colors. Hair accessories and gold eye shadow will complete the African look. Facial war paint might work well for children flanking you.

Catering for an African safari weddings

African cuisine varies with the country or region. The common theme, however, is spicy hot which runs through stews, casseroles and curries. Vegetarian preparations include yam, plantain, cassava and okra. Their range of meats stretches from poultry and game to crocodile and elephant. Goat, fish and duck are safe options. Rice and breads complement these dishes.

Entertainment for an African safari wedding

African dances are energetic and their folk singing sensational. They can turn on the festivity full throttle. You can engage a dance troupe to perform dances of welcome and love, if you are not too keen on war! Create a dance floor with planks decorated with shrubs. African drum performances are a feast for the senses too and a perfect accompaniment to some vigorous boogie.

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