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Wedding Theme: Beach wedding

Traditional weddings are being swapped for exotic locations. Beaches and the sea provide a serene backdrop for a wedding. Late afternoon weddings work best at such locales. A 3pm or 4pm start will give adequate light for the ceremony and pictures and as the evening sets in, guests can relax in the cool sea winds. Choose months that are calm with less threat of strong winds, rain or stormy weather.

Decoration for beach weddings

With a blue backdrop, you can either choose to highlight the marine theme with boats, paddles and fishing nets. If eating al fresco, table centerpieces can be with shells and conches. You can even use a fish bowl with colorful fish wiggling away. A marquee with organza fabric draped around the poles looks elegant. For light, you can use laser lamps and battery operated candles. Barbeques and coal fires also looks festive by dusk.

Dress ideas for the wedding party

Light and wispy fabrics are best for seaside weddings. If you want to beat the heat, avoid heavy materials. Light silks, organzas, chikan work look elegant ;keeps you cool too. Choose pastel shades like baby blue, pink, peach or lemon. Footwear is a key consideration; choose broad heels or flats, sandals or slippers. Your headgear will need to be secured well if you don’t want strong winds to take their toll. Kurta pajama and linen suits work well for grooms.

Make up and hair for beach weddings

Hairstyles that work best are ones which don’t involve putting your hair up. Leave your tresses to swing to the breeze and it will be one less worry for you. Use powder make up which absorbs sweat and tears. Cream based make up looks too heavy and sticky. You can wear flowers in your hair. Avoid wearing too many pieces of jewelry because if things like bejeweled hairpieces or toe rings slip off, it would be next to impossible to locate them in the sand.

Catering for beach weddings

Food for beach weddings should be light and easy to handle. Finger foods, chilled salads and canapés work well as starters. Fruit counter looks elegant with fresh fruit and carvings. For desserts, you can serve colorful jelly and custard portions. Seafood is a much-expected fare. You can choose to serve it grilled or even chilled. Paper plates, cups and napkins are a no-no. Go for regular cutlery and crockery so that the debris does not fly around.

Entertainment for beach weddings

A bonfire, moonlight and a few strumming guitars with a small dance floor work best for beaches. You can request soft western and Bollywood numbers as well as the sing along ones. If you prefer an up tempo carnival, fire-eaters, carnival dancers and jugglers can add to a bit of beach fun. If you want the guests to enjoy the sound of the waves and soak in the atmosphere, a nice mehfil with ghazal singers also will befit the ambience perfectly.

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