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Wedding Theme: Bollywood Wedding Theme

Make up and hair for Bollywood weddings

Over the top is the underlying brief here. Bright red, maroon and magenta will work well for your lehnga. Your hair can be tied in an elaborate bun. Jewelry again can be as loud as you wish with dozens of bangles and maang tika. The groom can either wear a safari suit or high waisted double-breasted suit. Heeled shoes and broad belts were very in during the 70’s. Long side-burns and fluffed up hairstyle will add to the look.

Catering for Bollywood weddings

If you choose a village theme, then serve food in earthenware; thandai or almond milk can be scooped out of matkas. A tandoor churning out hot rotis can also feature as part of the scene. Thalis with various dishes in katoris would look authentic too. If you are going with a 70’s hotel theme, then liveried waiters with drink trays, steel food warmers and trolleys would complete the look.

Entertainment for Bollywood weddings

Soundtrack from movies is essential here with popular film songs of that era. At key points, you can play background music of a chase or fight sequence. The impresario can be dressed like a director shouting ‘Action,’ ‘Take 20,’ and ‘Cut!’ What’s a Bollywood wedding without item numbers ? Engage a music and dance troupe to perform film songs. Moments from the bride and groom’s life can be showcased as a movie complete with rolling credits.

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