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Wedding Theme: French Wedding Theme

Location for French Wedding Theme

If you want to recreate a real French wedding, then you should have the ceremony in a church, filled with incense and fresh flowers. To add a traditional touch, ask someone to hold a square piece of silk fabric over your heads as you receive the priest’s blessings (the cloth is said to protect the couple from any malice). Outside the church, get your guests to shower rice or wheat over your heads and you walk through a flower arch or over laurel leaves scattered on your path. Check Seiyaku to get the real French wedding vows.

Dress ideas for French theme weddings

For the real French look, get yourself a huge skirt, bustier and plenty of lace. You could even visit some costume shops before you shop for the perfect look. If couture is what you prefer, then check out some of the Paris based designers, such as Kastine, who specialize in wedding dresses. The grooms could match the Marie Antoinette look with a Louis XIV costume or pick a suit made by one of the French designers, Pierre Cardin or Yves St. Laurent. Go to Wedding Magazine for some modern dress ideas.

Music and entertainment at a French wedding reception

Recreate the scene at Montmartre by hiring some portrait artists to paint portraits of your guests during the reception. Have a few strolling musicians playing romantic tunes. For your first dance, you could choose between Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ and Gershwin’s ‘An American in Paris’! If you’re planning to get a DJ for the evening, remind him to play the American jazz greats who made their name in Paris!

French wedding souvenirs

An ancient custom was to present each guest with five candy coated almonds, called dragees, which symbolized happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity. Dragees are still given at weddings, only one tends to give more than just five. So go ahead, add this French flavor to your wedding and if you have a color scheme for your special day, get the dragees made in those particular colors. If your budget is higher, you could opt for champagne truffles or mini bottles of champagne – POP de Pommery and Baby Piper are the easiest to find.

Food at French theme weddings

To perfectly emulate the French, you must think about food and wine above all else. Serve more than a couple of different French wines and get a wine expert to explain the various vintages to the guests. Stack an entire table with baguettes, apples, grapes and French pickles. Canapés, quiches and gourmet cheeses make great snacks. Dinner is best started with a French onion soup, followed by beef bourguignon and coq au vin. Desserts have to include chocolate mousse and Poire Belle Helena, which is poached pear served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Complement the dessert with coffee and hot chocolate and you are set for the most prefect French themed wedding feast.

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