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Wedding Theme: Garden Wedding Theme

Gardens are one of the most romantic themes for weddings. Fragrant flowers, lush green foliage, gurgling water features and twittering birds create an enchanting atmosphere. Stately homes and gardens make the perfect backdrop for a formal wedding. You can capitalize on spring or summer blossoms and create a color theme around that. Rose petals, tuberoses and marigolds create a mystical atmosphere whether arranged formally or strewn around casually.

Decoration for garden weddings

Bowers with fresh flowers, leaves, bows and bells look elegant for the bride, groom and wedding guests to walk under. You can make cascading floral arrangements around the marquee. To use an Indian garden theme, wrap a swing with flowers and place earthen pots or matkas as water features. Sculptures commissioned around the marquee look graceful.

Make up and hair for garden weddings

Garden weddings are about light and pretty make up, nothing dramatic or overdone. Frosty, shimmery and dewy effects go well with this theme. You can put your hair up in a formal hairdo or let it fall as curly tresses. Your bridesmaids can look like ethereal nymphets with a bit of glitter or dress up as beautiful maidens with floral accessories. Silver and pale gold also offset the bright floral themes well.

Catering for garden weddings

A seated, silver service complements a garden theme very well. Delicate china with floral motifs can be used to serve high tea with cakes, sandwiches, canapés, Indian savory delights like mini-samosas, khandvi, dhokla and perhaps even mini gulab jamuns/rosogullas. Champagne and wine add a touch of class. For a casual touch, serve an assortment of melons, berries and lemonade in tall iced glasses. A salad bar or a buffet table strewn with petals adds a touch of class.

Entertainment for garden weddings

Harp, lyre, flute, shehnai, santoor – all sound heavenly in a garden surrounding. You can even get the musicians to serenade your guests. Lighting the trees also creates a magical effect. Light and sound shows and magical fountains are a few more entertainment ideas. If you are inside a marquee, acoustics can be a bit tricky but you can recreate a hall effect and open up the dance floor.

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