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Wedding Theme: Green Wedding Theme

Having a ‘big, fat Indian wedding’ is all very well, but while planning it out, have you spared a thought for the huge amount of waste and pollution that it generates? Think green and see if you can do your bit towards not adding to Mother Earth’s woes! You could start off with wedding invitations for instance – print these on recycled paper. With the gorgeous varieties that are now available, it’s a trend that’s catching on!

Once you’ve decided to go green, you can incorporate a whole lot of ideas into every step of your wedding plan. Distributing sweets? Opt for pretty tin boxes that have reuse value rather than cardboard boxes wrapped with cellophane paper. (Yes, choosing the green option will add to your expenses, but if you don’t, the cost to the earth is much, much more!)

Today, your every wedding fantasy can be fulfilled depending only on how far you can stretch your budget. Importing locally unavailable flowers (which will be thrown away after those few hours) or sourcing esoteric food ingredients to impress your guests is all very well. In the process though, your carbon footprint just got bigger – the planes flying in your goodies would have released tons of carbon-dioxide through the atmosphere to fulfill your dream wedding. Think it’s worth it?

The smallest steps you take add up to big differences (and don’t forget to spread the message while you’re at it!). For instance, you can completely avoid using paper/thermocol cups and paper napkins. Be elegantly old-fashioned and opt for re-usable steel cutlery and glassware. Ensure that locally bottled water is used rather than a brand flown in from overseas. Finally, organize for all leftover food to be collected or given away to charitable organizations.

If you can take your green thinking to its logical conclusion, why not involve your guests as well? A brief note along with your invitation could explain your concerns. Request locally based guests to car-pool. Politely ask them to avoid excessive/environmentally harmful gift wrap material. One couple we know made the ultimate sacrifice by asking family and friends to donate to their favorite environmental organization rather than giving them gifts

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