Historical Period Wedding

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Wedding Theme: Historical Period Wedding Theme

Dress ideas for the wedding party

Mermaid- cut lehengas with tie-back cholis were what the princesses of those times used to wear. Their head would be covered with a veil and their body adorned with glittering jewelry. You can have your bridesmaids dress as ladies in waiting carrying flowers, mirror, make up and a feather fan. The groom can wear a bandh gala with a regal bejeweled turban and string of pearls. Jootis or mojris look elegant. He can even wield a sword, if he has the nerve!

Make up and hair for historical period weddings

Princesses had their hair tied up with a few loose tresses falling over their shoulders. Bejeweled hairpieces and strings of jasmine flowers add to the period glamour. Usually reds, pinks and maroons were worn for auspicious occasions though pastel colors with gold and silver trimmings were as popular. You can match a wispy organza odhni or shawl with a heavy lehenga. Moustaches were fashionable amongst men.

Catering for historical period weddings

The royalty used to dine in style. You can serve the food in silver platters. Silver and gold cutlery, elegant brocade tablecloths and fresh flowers and fruits at key places would accentuate the period feel. Sweets like ladoos and barfis also have a longstanding history. You can use mango and banana leaves to decorate brassware along with jasmine, marigold and rose flowers. Tall vases and martabans to serve wine give an authentic look.

Entertainment for historical period weddings

Courtesans and classical musicians used to entertain the royalty. You can arrange for a sitar, veena, flute or vocal recital. A Rajasthani dance troupe can add energy and color. If you’d prefer to recreate a court ambience, you could select classical Kathak pieces or classic Bollywood numbers from films like Pakeezah or Umrao Jaan. ,The glory and.nostalgia of the Mughal era, brought back to life with such scintillating dance recitals, will be a cherished memory for your guests.

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