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Wedding Theme: Italian Wedding Theme

Italian weddings are about several courses of food, fine wines and high fashion. If you would like to have a stylish wedding, this theme will offer you the perfect opportunity. You can choose from rustic Tuscany, extravagant Roman, posh Amalfi/Riviera or a romantic Venetian look. You may not want to charter a flight to Italy so here are some ideas on how to capture a slice of Italy in your home country.

Decoration for Italian weddings

Choose a hall that has marble flooring and is decorated in white. Intersperse it with fine pieces of sculpture. Ribbons and bows are considered auspicious so you can tie them around poles and around flower arrangements. A confetti shower is also a must. Roman architecture is grandiose with ornate ceilings and frescos while Venice is about gondolas and gondoliers. Terracotta flooring with olive pots will give a rustic Tuscany look.

Dress ideas for the wedding party

White gowns go well with the theme. You can couple it with Roman sandals (wedges). Gold is not supposed to be worn by Italian brides until the rings are exchanged, so go for pearls and diamonds. Light colors like peach and pink or crimson look just as pretty. The groom and best man can don white tuxedos, white shoes and Don Corleone hats. A gelled hair look would show off the contemporary you.

Make up and hair for Italian weddings

Italians are very fashion conscious when it comes to dressing up, so browse through their designer ranges. If you like the ancient Roman look, you can tie your hair in a bun and leave some flowing tresses. A veil and wreath would look elegant if you choose to wear them. Light make up that flatters your skin tone would be perfecto! Classic cars form the ideal backdrop for wedding pictures.

Catering for Italian weddings

Food at Italian weddings spans 12 to 14 courses. Celebrations start with antipasto with nibbles like olives, stuffed peppers and salami. Soups, starters, cheese and fruit courses intersperse a selection of main courses. Fish, meat, pasta, pizza, lasagna are familiar Italian foods. Each course is served with matching wine. Wedding cake is not very Italian, sugared almonds are. Ice cream or gelato will keep everyone happy.

Entertainment for Italian weddings

Songs from Mamma Mia the Italian wedding movie will get all feet tapping. You can engage a live band to cover famous Italian songs or go for some soul stirring operatic singing. A classical piano recital will also go well with the theme. The very romantic first dance by the married couple is something everyone looks forward to. For hearty humor, speeches punched with jokes can have everyone in splits.

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