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Wedding Theme: Japanese Wedding Theme

While small numbers are a rarity at Indian weddings, a Japanese theme wedding is the perfect excuse to host a cozy ceremony, which is not too lavish. The traditional Shinto ceremony is, most often, held at a shrine, and has only family and close relatives in attendance. While there is no best man or bridesmaids, the presence of the matchmaker is essential in Japanese weddings. So, besides getting your kimonos in order, you should not forget to invite the couple that brought you together!

Dress ideas for Japanese weddings

Traditionally, Japanese brides wear a white kimono called shiromuku.The grooms wear a black kimono called the montsuki, and kimono pants called hakama. All guests are required to dress formally, so don’t forget to add the dress code in the invitation. The ladies can wear dresses, suits or kimonos, but ask the men to stick to formal black suits. Even if you’re not keen on a traditional kimono, you could get your designer to adapt the style for an elegant dress or gown, picking up designs and colors appropriate for weddings. Find out more about Japanese kimonos here.

Japanese wedding reception

This is when the newly weds sit back and relax. They have special places on a stage from where they watch family and friends entertain the guests. Some even sing songs for the couple. The bride and groom then walk around the room greeting guests and lighting candles. Cutting a lavish wedding cake is also an important part of the reception.

Japanese wedding souvenirs

Hikidemono, or wedding souvenirs, usually comprise traditional sweets, tableware or handicrafts. Decades back, this was just a simple ritual and the amount spent was minimal. Today, couples offer gift catalogues to their guests to help them choose what they would like as a wedding souvenir! If you have the money, opt for a sake set, Japanese teapot set or the traditional plates and bowls.

Food at Japanese weddings

The menu at a modern Japanese theme wedding might include various cuisines, but the fun part is when you include some traditional Japanese dishes that your guests might not have seen before. While the obvious dishes are adzuki beans with rice, clams and fish, you could add a little note under each of these explaining why they are made in this particular manner. The red beans, for instance, represent good fortune and the clams, which are served with the shells, symbolize togetherness. The fish is particularly cooked with the head touching the tail to represent eternity!

Décor for Japanese theme weddings

Think of a Japanese restaurant and what comes to mind? Subtle lighting, hand fans, bonsai trees and bowls of bamboo! That’s exactly what you need to recreate the feel of Japan at your wedding reception. Get yourself and the guests white hand fans, use bonsai trees as centerpieces and opt for paper lanterns instead of candles. Chopsticks too are a great way to add to the theme. If the guests don’t know how to use them, they will still be happy to take them home as a memento; just inscribe your names and your wedding date on them. Japanese Wedding Favors has plenty of other ideas for you to check out.

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