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Continuing with our discussion, we’ll do a quick Q and A on Outdoor Wedding Themes

Wedding Theme: Outdoor Wedding Theme

What are some Color Schemes for Outdoor Indian Weddings?

Earthy color schemes work best for outdoor weddings. Rusts, dull orange, peach, browns, pale greens and deep maroons work well with nature’s palette. Whites with touches of crimson or gold also look very elegant on a hot summer’s day. If you are planning a seaside wedding, aquamarines, sea green, lilac and purples would look regal against the backdrop of the sea. If yours is a day time wedding, go for natural makeup and wind resistant hairstyle. Keep the veil or chunari firmly in place with clips

Can you give me a checklist for outdoor weddings?

Check the following aspects out at the venue –

  • Opening and closing times so that you can plan setting up and clearing up accordingly
  • Power facilities and the number of plug points available
  • Refrigeration
  • Patio heaters or fans and coolers
  • Toilets including access for the handicapped
  • Parking restrictions if you have to cart equipment, food and beverages
  • Nearest train station or bus stop for guests using public transport
  • Closest medical facilities
  • Restrictions on the use of PA system, serving alcohol, lighting fire or fireworks.

Can you give me some idea for planning outdoor wedding?

If your wedding is in the summer, you may want to select a picturesque locale. Whether it is a vineyard, sea side or a formal garden, you are not guaranteed good weather. So while negotiating the package, always have a back up plan for bad weather. You could request for a marquee or shift the entire seating indoors. Have a time line as to when you’ll kick in the back up plan – five or two days in advance or on the day itself. Get unbiased local advice before making the final bookings.

Picking the right venue – What should I be thinking about?

In most places, you will have to specify a head count. But don’t you know how Indian weddings are! Some invitees will bring along a visiting cousin perhaps, or a non-Indian friend, curious about the Indian wedding experience ! Is your choice of venue large enough to take care of a few unexpected guests?

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