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Wedding Theme: Spanish Wedding Theme

When planning a Spanish theme wedding, you might want to include some of the traditional customs to make it an affair to remember. Before the wedding, the groom gives the bride 13 coins, which represent Jesus and his disciples. Also, get hold of a rosary that the priest can tie around you in the figure eight design. Customs apart, the more the merrier when it comes to a Spanish wedding. So make it a fiesta with much drinking, dancing and eating.

Dress ideas for Spanish weddings

In the olden days a Spanish bride wore a black silk dress, but today they wear white or ivory colored gowns. If you want a feel of the traditional wedding, get hold of a beautiful black lace shawl to drape over your shoulders. A mantilla veil with its intricate lace work would be the perfect accessory. As for the grooms, they are supposed to wear shirts that have been hand embroidered by their wives-to-be! To add some fun, he can dress as a matador, in a black coat with a tail, black pants, white shirt and red tie. Check The Wedding Shop for more ideas.

Spanish wedding reception

Spanish wedding receptions are all about dining and dancing. You might consider getting someone to teach you the traditional salsa dance so that you and your partner can steal the show on your important night. Hire dancers if you like and a DJ to play salsa, flamenco, samba and merengue music to add a festive and Latin flair to the occasion and set the mood for a fun-filled evening that guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Spanish wedding souvenirs

During the reception, it is common for the newly weds to present their guests with small gifts or favors. The male guests are offered cigars and the ladies small soaps or colorful fans. Each guest is personally handed a memento to thank them for their presence at the wedding. These mementos usually have the name of the bride and groom inscribed, along with the wedding date.

Food at Spanish theme weddings

Wedding cookies of various shapes flavored with almonds and various spices are a must at Spanish weddings. While these are usually served last, the main course comprises a seafood dish or more native dish called Paella. Check La Tienda for more details. Drinks include local wines and Sangria. A traditional wedding cake is full of fresh fruits and almonds.

Décor for Spanish theme weddings

Centerpieces of wrought iron candle stands are a great way of recreating a traditional Spanish wedding and also setting the mood for the reception dinner. You could also have an arrangement of orange blossoms, a Spanish symbol of happiness, on each table. If the real flowers aren’t available, get them made in silk. What’s more, Spanish fans can double up as place cards or favors. Check out this video for more ideas.

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