Working with Bridesmaids

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How your bridesmaids can help you look like a star?

Why do celluloid weddings always look so much better than the stars’ real wedding pictures? In a movie, the director and cameraman ensure that lighting, composition and stars’ make up is all in place before the cameras roll. In real life, the camera captures a few awkward moments. As far as possible, be aware of cameras clicking you. Your bridesmaid should keep a make-up kit handy, for a quick touch-up.

What role can Bridesmaids play in the wedding?

Bridesmaids have a vital role in coming to the bride’s rescue with a handy kit. Here are some essentials they should carry –

* Safety pins
* Wet wipes
* Tissues
* Eyebrow pencil and kajal stick
* Lipsticks
* Hairbrush
* Perfume
* Soap
* Hair clips and pins

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