Avoiding Wedding Blunders

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Just a quick recap of all the things that we’ve been talking about. It’s humorous just as long the the person involved isn’t you! It’s also quite likely that you would’ve heard of something similar from your friends and relatives.

Wedding Outfit Blunders

One bride wore such a flouncy outfit that she had to be transported literally lying flat at the back of a delivery van. Another bride’s lehenga got stuck in the car door as she arrived and as the car pulled away, she was left with half a dress. The first dance is always a special moment, not when your bejeweled sandal strap gets caught in your groom’s silk pajamas.

Wedding Invitation Blunders

A family that was invited to a wedding misplaced the invitation card. Since they had made a mental note of the venue, they got ready on the appointed day. The wife went to the hairdressers and got a special hairdo. The teenage daughters went shopping for dresses. After an hour and a half of driving, they arrived at the venue that looked rather plain. Obviously, because the wedding was on the same day, the following month!

Wedding Photography Blunders

A rather creative photographer directed the newly married couple to stand by the pool and pose. As more and more people joined the group, he kept asking them to go a bit further away from the camera. Before they realized what was happening, they had all taken the plunge!

Wedding Delays and Booze Blunders

Drinking is very much a part of Hindu Punjabi weddings. It is also fashionable for the baraat to come late for the ceremony. Mix these two facts together and you have the makings of a potent cocktail! A bridegroom made the most of the drinks and had to be escorted straight to the bedroom until he was sober enough for the ceremony.

Wedding Catering Blunders

Food is always the highlight of the wedding celebration. Not when you are punished to await the arrival of the baraat. A highly hospitable father of the bride invited the baraatis to indulge and help themselves to as much as they could possibly eat. With pooris and pulao piling on to plates, the poor bride’s guests were left scraping the base of the pots after having waited several grueling hours.

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