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/What are some Do’s and don’t of wedding guest lists

Nowadays guests travel from all parts of the world for a wedding and that could make things a bit complicated. Finalize your wedding date 3-6 months in advance and inform everyone. This way, your guests can avail good off-season flight and hotel deals. Get your guest list vetted by parents and key relatives. They may have reasons as to why some families should not be invited. Estimate the numbers as closely as possible and request for RSVP by a specific date.

Can you give me some tips to make your wedding guests feel at home?

If you are hosting guests in a self-catering accommodation or renting a house or boarding school, here’s how you can make them feel at ease

  • Place a complimentary toilet kit with toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash and detergent.
  • Detailed agenda with timelines will help your guests plan their time well.

What are some Ice breakers for your wedding guests?

There might be warring families on your guest list or the bride’s side may not know the groom’s side. Organize fun games and sing-song sessions to help people mingle. Nominate a friend who is a good facilitator to run the show. Also have key persons to look after specific groups. This is a huge job as the coordinator has to bear the brunt if anything goes wrong or if some guests are particularly fussy.

How to manage warring wedding invitees?

Every family has arch rivals, foes and black sheep. So it is quite crucial to balance your guest list to avoid embarrassing showdowns and public arguments. Besides the threat of confrontations on your big day, managing antagonistic factions at their place of stay is hard work as well. One idea is to invite them for different functions. If you are keen that they all come for your wedding, nominate neutral family members to keep them company, away from each other!

What are some tips for arranging stay for wedding guests?

Once you know what your guest list is like, you can research hotels, guest houses or self – catering accommodation. If your wedding falls during holidays, check whether boarding schools would rent rooms out. You may want your guests to arrange their own stay. Extend options covering all price ranges, from budget to luxury. You never know what they may want to pick. To make things convenient, focus on a particular radius, either close to your house or the wedding venue.

What are some tips on arranging transportation for wedding guests?

Depending on the wedding events, guests who have travelled from elsewhere would need transport to and from the venue. Also, it may be a nice idea to organize a day long excursion covering famous sights and sounds of where you live. You can enlist the help of friends for transport or to research rates for coaches, mini buses or taxis. If they know any bus, taxi or tour operator, you can negotiate a good rate. Bear in mind the mobility needs of any of your physically challenged guests.

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