Wedding Insurance and Wedding Law

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Wedding insurance – what would it cover?

Typically, a wedding insurance would cover against exigencies like cancellation at short notice, if a supplier doesn’t turn up and you lose your deposit, theft and public liability for people at the venue. You can select the level of cover – some policies cover wedding dresses, gifts, flowers, cakes and rings. Minimum payments or excesses are usually very affordable but you must shop around to get the best deal. Check whether your home insurance or credit cards cover some elements of the wedding too.

Wedding law- some basics

Marriage is not only about celebrations, dressing up and food. There are sobering but vital legal aspects about marriage that you must carefully consider. Many countries offer pre-marital counseling and inform you about your rights and responsibilities. Also, rules and laws differ from country to country. Do your due diligence, and ensure that all that expense is put to good use.

Legal age for marriage

In the US, persons of 16 years of age can get married with parental consent. In India, the girl has to 18 and the boy has to be 21 to get married. Pakistan laws specify the girl’s legal age as 16 while boys have to be 18. African countries vary from 16 to 18 years. In England and Wales, the minimum legal age for marriage is 16. For both sexes, persons below 18 and who have not been married before require their parents’ / guardians’ written permission.

Important considerations for a valid marriage

Be sure to check whether the venue you are getting married at is registered for the purpose, otherwise your marriage can be considered invalid. Ensure the ministers and priests hold current and up-to-date licenses to conduct your marriage. Witnesses should be present at your marriage as both of you verbalize your consent to the marriage, which is a legal requirement.

Marriages forbidden by law

In the UK, there are strict laws governing marriage among relatives. In India, child marriage and polygamy are illegal. Islam prohibits nikah between blood relatives, foster and step relatives. Also, a man cannot marry two daughters of the same father. Besides, both the girl and boy must be Muslims, otherwise the marriage cannot be conducted.

Same-sex marriages

Some countries recognise and give legal status to same-sex civil unions, civil partnerships and unregistered co-habitation.Under their laws, varying degrees of the legal benefits of marriage are applicable to such unions. Andorra, Australia, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay are some of them. Only 10 states in the US recognize same-sex marriage.

Annulled marriages

Whichever part of the world you’re in, there are marriages that have never been considered legal from the start.Therefore, dissolution or divorce laws do not apply. Incest, bigamy, polygamy, lack of consummation, lack of consent by parties, fraud or hiding of vital facts, health issues like alcoholism, insanity or underage are some factors under which a marriage can be declared null and void. However, in many countries, children born of such marriages are still considered legitimate.

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